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Why Should I Join Little Rock Federal Credit Union?

As a member of Little Rock Federal Credit Union, you will take advantage of one of the most unique financial opportunities of a lifetime. You will become an owner of the place you do your banking! Little Rock Federal Credit Union is owned by its members and there are no “outside” stockholders. All of the funds utilized to support the credit union come from our community. All of the credit union’s earnings are returned to our members thru lower fees and to our community in various forms of financial and volunteer support.

What do you offer?

Little Rock Federal Credit Union has a full range of financial services to help you reach financial success. We strive to find new products and services to enhance how you interact with the credit union. However, we remain dedicated to certain “old” traditions like greeting you by name at the teller line and always offering a person on the phone and not an answering machine. We believe that the best part of being a small community credit union is interacting with our members.

Membership Requirements

You must work for one of our select employer groups, be a retiree or family member ( Persons related to a member or immediately related to persons eligible for membership by blood or marriage, adoption or as a surviving spouse. )

  • Democrat Printing & Lithograph
  • Digital Printing & Imaging
  • Reliable Fire Protection
  • Capitol Custom Cabinets
  • Shelter Insurance (I-30 Branch)
  • Blue Sky Cleaners
  • Matthews Physical Therapy
  • RDS Investments
  • DL Boyd Funeral Home
  • King’s Kid Academy

How much does it cost?

$5.00 membership capital

Come Join Us

We will be glad to have you as a member. Thank you for considering an account with us. Our purpose is to serve you better than any other financial institution. Please don’t hesitate to stop by, phone us, or email us for information, suggestions or comments.

If you are an employer…

Consider offering your employees the option of Credit Union membership. Surveys have shown that employees consider the availability of Credit Union membership (which extends to their families as well) a valuable employee benefit.

We know that your employees will appreciate you giving them the opportunity to become members of Little Rock Federal Credit Union. For you as an employer it is a win-win situation: A great employee benefit at no cost to your organization to become a Credit Union select employer. To find out more information give us a call at 501.375.5873.

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